Having A Hard Time Convincing Loved Ones They Should Get Massage Therapy?: Four Ways To Encourage Them

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Having A Hard Time Convincing Loved Ones They Should Get Massage Therapy?: Four Ways To Encourage Them

1 February 2016
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Some people, despite knowing all of the benefits of massage therapy, may still be unwilling to try it. They may need a little push or a little encouragement from someone else. Here are four ways to "encourage" stubborn loved ones to try massage therapy and experience the positives of it. 

Give Him or Her a Non-Refundable Gift Certificate That Only He/She Can Redeem

Massage therapists often offer gift certificates. Find one that offers non-refundable gift certificates that ONLY the recipient can redeem. This way, your loved one cannot regift the gift certificate and cannot exchange it for cash/ take the gift certificate back. If you really want to ease your relative into this slowly but still give him or her that extra push, make the gift certificate valid for only twenty or thirty minutes, which is just long enough to relax and begin to enjoy the massage but not long enough that he or she will not refuse a second opportunity.

Try Couples' Massage Therapy

Sometimes the issue holding someone back from massage therapy is the idea of a stranger touching them. There are classes offered (frequently around Valentine's Day!) that teach couples how to give each other therapeutic massages. Since it is your hands touching your unrelenting partner, he or she might just relent and succumb to the soothing sensations you will both learn to give each other.

Invest in a Massage Chair as Recommended by a Chiropractor

There are dozens of massage chairs and massage chair accessories on the market. However, there are only so many products recommended for therapeutic use by chiropractors. These products are tested by chiropractors and pre-approved for use in conjunction with or without chiropractic treatments. If your relative refuses to seek out and/or utilize massage therapy, then perhaps a pricey massage chair might convince him or her that such therapy feels wonderful and can really have a good impact on them. If he or she grows to love the massage chair, then that is one baby step closer to convincing him or her to try hands-on therapy with a real massage therapist.

Ask Your Family Chiropractor

Chiropractors see this situation all too often. Yet, they have the means to convince particularly stubborn people that massage therapy is not just a luxury, but a necessity to overall patient health and well-being. When all else fails, you may want to try talking to your loved one's chiropractor to see if the chiropractor (such as one from Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic) can convince your family member to try massage therapy.

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