Sinus Medications Make You Feel Tired And Sleepy? Try This Home Therapeutic Massage Tip

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Sinus Medications Make You Feel Tired And Sleepy? Try This Home Therapeutic Massage Tip

6 February 2016
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If the medications you take for frequent sinus infections make you feel tired and sleepy, try therapeutic massage. Although sinus medications can help ease your stuffy nose, face pain and other symptoms, many OTC and prescription drugs can also make you feel tired, irritable, drowsy and anxious after you take them. If you tend to squint your eyes, scrunch up your forehead or tighten your jaws because of your symptoms, your sinus infections can get worse. You can overcome your problems with therapeutic massage. 

Therapeutic massage relaxes away the tension and tiredness in your mind and body so that you feel rejuvenated and ready to face your day. Massage also releases the built-up fluids inside your sinuses, around your eyes and in your ears. Here's an easy massage tip you can perform daily.

Buy Vitamin E Oil 

Although therapeutic massage is a great way to relieve your many sinus symptoms, it works best when your skin is soft and pliable. Manipulating the skin over your sore face may make your sinus symptoms worse, especially if your skin is dry. Applying a thin layer of vitamin E oil over your skin helps to minimize this problem. Vitamin E oil also contains nutrients and anti-inflammatory ingredients that are good for your skin.

Purchase an 8- to 12-ounce bottle of oil for your massages. Also, obtain one soft towel you can use to pat dry your skin after your massage and one container of mild facial cleanser to remove germs and other contaminants from your skin's pores before your massage. Contaminants can block your pores and keep your skin from breathing properly.

Now, you're ready to begin.

Do Your Massage

Moisten your face with warm water, then use your cleanser. Be sure to use circular motions with the pads of your fingertips to circulate fresh blood to your skin and sinuses. Rinse your face with warm water, then gently remove some of the moisture from it. Leave your skin slightly wet to help the oil absorb into your pores.

Now, follow these steps:

  1. Apply 2-3 drops of oil into the palm of your left hand. 
  2. Use the fingertips of your right hand to apply the oil to your forehead and between your nose and cheeks. 
  3. Massage the oil into your skin with small, circular motions. Avoid applying too much pressure with your fingertips to minimize discomfort.
  4. Perform step three for 5 minutes, then rinse your face with warm water. 
  5. Dry your face with your towel.

You should feel the pressure and pain leave the tissues inside your forehead, nasal cavity and eye sockets. You may also feel or hear popping noises in your ears as the fluids drain from them. For the best results, perform the massage every morning before work or school.

For more tips on how to improve your sinus problems, speak to a massage therapist or chiropractor--like one from Bakke Chiropractic Clinic SC--in your area today.  

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