Could Chiropractor Care Reduce Arthritis Pain In Your Knees?

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Could Chiropractor Care Reduce Arthritis Pain In Your Knees?

16 February 2016
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What do spinal manipulation and knee pain caused by arthritis have in common? The answer is when you have one done by a qualified chiropractor, you could substantially reduce the other. Knee pain from arthritis affects every part of your daily life. Standing and walking both put pressure onto a knee joint, and when arthritis has taken hold, even the smallest amount of movement can be difficult. So, what does a chiropractor do that could make an improvement to your life?

Spinal Manipulation

Consider your knees to be the load-bearing joints of your legs. When you stand up, when you walk, and when you crouch down, you are putting a lot of your body weight on your knee joints. When arthritis exists in this area, all of these movements cause you to feel pain.

However, a spinal manipulation is one way a chiropractor can take some of the pressure off your knees. If your spine is out of alignment, your body compensates by bending itself so you can continue to do all the things you normally do. However, this bending is putting extra pressure on your knees. Therefore, having the spine put back to its correct position reduces some of the load your knees have to carry.

Arthritis Slow Down

Arthritis is a slow progressing disease that will always be with you once it has taken hold. It is not something that can be completely stopped, but it is a condition that can be slowed down. Regular chiropractic appointments can make sure all parts of your skeletal frame and muscles are working as they should be. From your shoulders to your ankles, each part of your frame has a job to do. When each part is working properly, there is no extra stress put on your knees.

Additionally, when arthritis is causing you pain, you are less likely to do activities like exercise. However, arthritis sufferers with sedentary lifestyles will, in the long-term, experience more pain than arthritis sufferers who exercise. When a chiropractor makes sure the rest of the body is working like it should, you will be more inclined to exercise. This exercise is going to benefit your health and keep arthritis from progressing.

You have nothing to lose by making an appointment with your local chiropractor to discuss how they can lessen the effects of your knee pain caused by arthritis. However, with a little effort, you will find that you have everything to gain.

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