How Rehab Can Help Speed Your Knee Ligament Injury's Recovery Time

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How Rehab Can Help Speed Your Knee Ligament Injury's Recovery Time

17 February 2016
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Injuring your knee while playing sports or lifting something heavy can have a huge impact on your life. Your ligaments can become swollen and tight, making it difficult to walk or bend. You may be concerned about how to get your knee back to where you can bend and move your leg normally again without causing more pain. With physical therapy, you can increase your healing time by giving your ligaments the healthy movement they need to get your knee back to its pain-free condition. A chiropractor can help you rehabilitate your knee so you can feel more like yourself again and get back to your normal physical activity. Here are ways rehabilitation therapy can help assist in injury recovery.

Healthy movement

You may want to get right back to your normal activities as soon as you've iced your knee and the swelling begins to go down. Unfortunately, this can hinder your healing time and keep your ligaments and muscles from repairing themselves in a healthy manner. Rehab therapy by your chiropractor can show you the proper movements and rotations you should make with your knee in addition to resting and icing techniques to help make your healing time more progressive and less painful without causing further damage. Part of your therapy may include:

  • gentle rotation manipulation
  • moving your leg up and down to stretch muscles
  • gentle massage for swollen or tight ligaments

Progress tracking

Your chiropractor will want you to continue your rehabilitation therapy at home, and will want to see you in their office to check to make sure that your therapy is going well. As your progress is tracked, your chiropractor can assign new therapy movement techniques to further your healing time, or may allow you to return to certain activities once your knee has shown healthy healing. Your chiropractor can also address swelling that does not go down or recurs, any new or lingering pain deep in your ligaments, and show you how to do new exercises to ensure your healing process is going as it should. Discuss all physical activity concerns with your chiropractor so they can assist you in recovering as normally as possible for your active lifestyle without making your knee injury worse.

A chiropractor, like those at Back To Health Chiropractic & Wellness, can be very beneficial in helping your ligament knee injury heal much more quickly. With physical therapy you can move your joints and ligaments in healthy ways that can progress your healing time without putting your injury in danger of getting worse.

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