Get Lifted: Dealing With Different Length Legs

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Get Lifted: Dealing With Different Length Legs

9 April 2016
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If you have two different length legs, this could be something that happened after you finished puberty. For some, this is in late teens or early 20s. If you figure out in adulthood that your legs are different lengths, you should take immediate action. Your legs being different lengths may just start with a limp that doesn't bother you, but it will later lead to back problems, issues with your legs feeling tired easily, and more. Here are some things that you can do to deal with legs that are different lengths. 

Go see a chiropractor

The first specialist that you want to get advice from about the issues with your legs is a chiropractor. If you are experiencing a tightening in your back due to the issues with your legs, this is likely to persist and even cause further back issues. Talk to your chiropractor about getting a chiropractic adjustment and coming in on a regular basis to keep your back pain at bay. This will allow you to continue operating at normal strength. 

Get heel lifts

When you first think of heel lifts, you may be thinking of platform shoes. There are ways to add lift to the interior of many different types of shoes so that you will be able to walk with a normal stride and gait. Lifts can be added to your formal work shoes as well as your walking sneakers. Your chiropractor can also suggest shoes that will provide you with a good lift automatically to help make your stride normal. If you have to have shoes specially made for podiatric problems, you may be able to add lifts to slip to the interior. 

Monitor your standing

If you have two different length legs, you may find that standing for long periods of time is difficult. This is due to the different leveling of your hips and the fact that you back may become tight after being on your feet. If you notice that your back is beginning to hurt, you should monitor how long you are standing or walking and take automatic breaks when you can. If you know that you will be on your feet while traveling, running, or at work, you should be sure to stretch first; stretching your lumbar area and legs well will prevent you from cramping as easily. It will make it easier for you to be on your feet without feeling the tightness in your lower back and waist. Click here for more info on chiropractor adjustments.

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