Lower Back Pain? Causes, Care, And Chiropractic Services

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Lower Back Pain? Causes, Care, And Chiropractic Services

7 March 2019
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Do you have lower back pain? Chiropractic services can help you to find relief. Even though chiropractic care reduces pain, increases mobility, and can improve your overall quality of life, you also need to know how to prevent this issue from happening again. Take a look at the common causes of lower back pain and what you can do to reduce the risks.

Muscle Strain

Don't assume that your lower back pain is a chronic condition or something that requires serious (or surgical) intervention. Muscle strain is a common reason for pain in discomfort in this region. This type of injury can happen when you:

  1. Lift incorrectly. To avoid this type of injury, always lift heavy objects using your leg muscles and not your back. Stand straight, squat instead of bending over, and keep the item close to you while lifting.
  2. Use repetitive motions. Continuous similar motions can also cause injury to back muscles. This type of muscle strain can happen if you have a physical job or during leisure/athletic activities, such as golf.
  3. Have an impact or collision. A fall, a collision with another person/object (such as during contact sports play), or a car accident can cause this type of strain injury.

Along with injuries, poor posture (especially when coupled with long periods of sitting or standing) can also cause lower back muscle strain.

Disk Disease

A problem with a disk in the lumbar (lower) region of your back can cause serious pain. This can include:

  • Herniated disk injury. A bulging, protruding, or ruptured disk can irritate the nearby nerve, causing discomfort and inflammation. Falls, sudden impact, and other similar accidents can cause this type of injury.
  • Degenerative disk disease. Likewise, this disk issue causes bulging or rupture—and the resulting pain. Instead of injury, degenerative disk disease happens as the disk loses hydration due to age.

While some degenerative disk disease is impossible to prevent, an active lifestyle that includes daily movement/exercise can reduce the risks.

Osteoarthritis Issues

Osteoarthritis affects the joints, including the spine. A breakdown in the cartilage can produce spurs that put pressure on the spine's nerves. This, like other nerve pain, can result in lower back pain. Like degenerative disk disease, it's not always possible to prevent osteoarthritis-related issues. But getting an adequate amount of exercise can help to strengthen the area and increase flexibility/mobility.

Whether you have a recent injury or struggle with degenerative pain, a combination of chiropractic services, lifestyle changes, and preventative care can minimize discomfort and make your life easier.

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