Understanding Better Back Habits

If your job involves heavy lifting, you have to be extra careful of your back's health. Click here for more information.

3 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Teen’s Social & Academic Life

8 November 2016
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Although chiropractic care isn't a cure-all for social difficulties, it actually does have several beneficial effects that could translate into an advantage in the social arena if your teen knows how to leverage them. Here are three ways chiropractic care can give your teen tools to make friends, stay on top of classes, and simultaneously improve their health. 1. Improve Posture You've heard that correct posture is important for preventing back pain and that poor posture can precipitate or worsen misalignment, but did you know that having good posture affects both how people perceive you and how they perceive your perception of yourself? Read More …

Have Tinnitus? Consider Visiting Your Chiropractor

28 September 2016
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If you have had tinnitus for a while, and your doctors have not been able to figure out what is causing it, you may want to make an appointment to visit your chiropractor. Tinnitus is considered a symptom that is associated with a larger, underlying issue. Your chiropractor may be able to help you find the underlying issue that is behind the constant ringing in your ears that you are having to endure. Read More …

Drug-Free Pain Relief During Pregnancy

5 August 2016
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Much has been said about the glow women have during pregnancy, but many women do not feel as glowing and special as they would like to. Back pain, headaches and leg cramps are common during pregnancy and can become intense through the second and third trimesters. Most expectant mothers are understandably hesitant to take pain medication and need drug-free solutions for their discomfort. It is important for pregnant women to find relief since prolonged pain can cause depression, loss of sleep, and reduced appetite. Read More …

Get Lifted: Dealing With Different Length Legs

9 April 2016
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If you have two different length legs, this could be something that happened after you finished puberty. For some, this is in late teens or early 20s. If you figure out in adulthood that your legs are different lengths, you should take immediate action. Your legs being different lengths may just start with a limp that doesn't bother you, but it will later lead to back problems, issues with your legs feeling tired easily, and more. Read More …

Chiropractic Care: Three Everyday Reasons For Visiting A Chiropractor

6 April 2016
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Going to the chiropractor isn't something that crosses many peoples minds. However, seeing a chiropractor is usually one of the first things a person will do after being in an accident. While accidents and injuries are the most popular reason for visiting the chiropractor, they aren't the only reasons. In fact, there are several good reasons you might want to consider going to the chiropractor. Here are three signs you should visit a chiropractor: Read More …

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Understanding Better Back Habits

After lifting incorrectly for years, I could tell that it was really taking a toll on my back health. I couldn't sit straight up in bed without wincing in agony, and I decided that it might be in my best interest to talk with a chiropractor. I started meeting with a back doctor once or twice a month, and it really made a difference. My chiropractor helped to make adjustments that improved my back pain, and he also addressed different back health habits that might help things. After a few weeks, I could tell that things were getting better. Read this blog about ways that chiropractors can help you.