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Get Lifted: Dealing With Different Length Legs

9 April 2016
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If you have two different length legs, this could be something that happened after you finished puberty. For some, this is in late teens or early 20s. If you figure out in adulthood that your legs are different lengths, you should take immediate action. Your legs being different lengths may just start with a limp that doesn't bother you, but it will later lead to back problems, issues with your legs feeling tired easily, and more. Read More …

Chiropractic Care: Three Everyday Reasons For Visiting A Chiropractor

6 April 2016
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Going to the chiropractor isn't something that crosses many peoples minds. However, seeing a chiropractor is usually one of the first things a person will do after being in an accident. While accidents and injuries are the most popular reason for visiting the chiropractor, they aren't the only reasons. In fact, there are several good reasons you might want to consider going to the chiropractor. Here are three signs you should visit a chiropractor: Read More …

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Rolfing

1 March 2016
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Rolfing is a series of practices and movement education that aligns and balances the structure between bone and connective tissue. It is strongly similar to chiropractic practices, but they are not exactly alike. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will have a few questions that are commonly asked about Rolfing answered. Do Practitioners Have To Be Certified? Although practitioners do not legally have to be certified to practice Rolfing, it is highly recommended that you visit a practitioner who is certified. Read More …

Herbal Compress For Treating Your Lower Back Pain Caused By Spasms

29 February 2016
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After suffering a lower back injury, you may have days when your muscles go into spasms, causing you intense pain. Along with your doctor's prescribed treatment, use the following herbal compress to relax and soothe your discomfort. Supplies And Ingredients Before you begin, gather the following supplies. You can find the ingredients in most grocery stores, pharmacies and department stores. Large, plastic tub Bath towel Four cups of hot tap water One additional cup of water Small saucepan with lid 10 drops of lavender essential oil Four chamomile tea bags The lavender in the compress helps relieve the pain caused by your tight muscles. Read More …

Back-Saving Tips For Gardeners

27 February 2016
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Spring is nearly here and it's time to be heading out into the garden. While gardening can be a source of pleasure and relaxation, it can also lead to injuries and pain. The following tips can help you avoid strain and backaches when you are gardening this year. Tip #1: Do Your Stretches Gardening may not seem like exercise, but the repetitive bending, pulling, and digging motions can play havoc on your muscles. Read More …

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