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Back-Saving Tips For Gardeners

27 February 2016
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Spring is nearly here and it's time to be heading out into the garden. While gardening can be a source of pleasure and relaxation, it can also lead to injuries and pain. The following tips can help you avoid strain and backaches when you are gardening this year. Tip #1: Do Your Stretches Gardening may not seem like exercise, but the repetitive bending, pulling, and digging motions can play havoc on your muscles. Read More …

Chiropractic Care: Effective Strategies to Help Manage Chronic Pain

25 February 2016
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The stresses your daily life puts on you can affect your back, neck, and limbs, resulting in excruciating pain and limited range of motion. If you suffer from chronic pain, you could benefit from some natural pain-relief options to help release muscle strain and suppress inflammations. Here is a look at easy pain-relief strategies that can supplement your pain medication and hopefully help manage and reduce your pain. Try heat and massage therapies Read More …

Does Your Child Have An Attention Problem Or Is It Neck And Back Pain?

23 February 2016
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If your child becomes restless when sitting at the dinner table or when they are at their desk doing homework, you may become worried. Before jumping to the conclusion that they have an attention problem, find out if they have upper back and neck pain. If you have an active child, they may have strained their neck muscles, which can become painful when they sit still with the neck in one position for long periods. Read More …

How Rehab Can Help Speed Your Knee Ligament Injury’s Recovery Time

17 February 2016
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Injuring your knee while playing sports or lifting something heavy can have a huge impact on your life. Your ligaments can become swollen and tight, making it difficult to walk or bend. You may be concerned about how to get your knee back to where you can bend and move your leg normally again without causing more pain. With physical therapy, you can increase your healing time by giving your ligaments the healthy movement they need to get your knee back to its pain-free condition. Read More …

Could Chiropractor Care Reduce Arthritis Pain In Your Knees?

16 February 2016
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What do spinal manipulation and knee pain caused by arthritis have in common? The answer is when you have one done by a qualified chiropractor, you could substantially reduce the other. Knee pain from arthritis affects every part of your daily life. Standing and walking both put pressure onto a knee joint, and when arthritis has taken hold, even the smallest amount of movement can be difficult. So, what does a chiropractor do that could make an improvement to your life? Read More …

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